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I am getting a new template ready for the site as I have been fairly unhappy with my design for quite some time. It is not 100% complete as it is from a normal web page template, and I am having to code it to work with my blog platform, but I would like some feedback if possible. It is currently located at Don’t leave any comments there as I have only gotten started on the main index page thus far, but any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Hmmm…looks pretty good. The colors are readable and work together.

    Links are easy to spot, but the actual clicking on them is kind of screwy. Doesn’t show a finger like most sites would, but just the cursor.

  2. Gravatar sucks. I’ve been using it for awhile and mine never shows up, although as Chickie above can attest, some do. Once mybloglog finally approves me for the code I will add it in instead. There’s a plugin for WordPress, and Blogger, but not MT

    I like the new pic as well. Elisson is much better with his camera than I am with the webcam anyday.

    Also, I may change the links. That’s the effect from the original web page, I just haven’t changed it yet. I agree, having the text box cursor looks weird.

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