Day Off

This has probably been the least amount I have posted in months. I worked for awhile on my template, moving the sidebar to the right hand side of the page, which was more of a pain in the ass than it would seem.

I’ve found that using the divs in CSS is screwy in some browsers. Most of the templates that I have used throw the sidebar to the bottom of the page in IE 6, or if the person is using a low screen resolution although the work fin in Firefox and IE 7. I set the new page up using hard-coded tables so that they would display the way I want them to. I’m not very good with tables so it took awhile.

I’ve also tweaked a bunch of the javascript that I use on the site thanks to the help of Eric. I have the comments pop-up working correctly, as well as a live preview of each comment and when you post the comment it throws you back to the listing. If you commented here when I was using the popups you know that once you hit “Post” it would take you to the individual entry page in a little 500×400 window which looked really stupid.

Anyway, I decided to just take the day off from blogging. I haven’t even read or answered any comments. I may get the chance tomorrow afternoon, otherwise I am off Tuesday and Wednesday and will get around to everyone’s comments and links then.

Pete hasn’t been feeling very well today, so we just had kind of a low key evening with the kids as well.

Couldn’t let the day go by without at least posting once, nothing major, just wanted to say hello before I went to bed.


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