I need a Do-Over…

…for the day if not the entire week. This whole week has just been completely FUBAR and I feel like ranting and cursing so for those with delicate ears, don’t bother reading the extended entry.

I actually started last week when my boss went on vacation. Almost every night for the last two weeks I have gone back for shift change at 9pm and gotten home between 9:30 and 10. This doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but remember, I get up at 4:30 in the morning and am usually home between 2:30 and 5:30 in the evening. Tack on a couple more hours when I should be relaxing, or god forbid asleep and it starts adding up. Six shift changes usually will take me over the 60+ hours for the week not including any paid posting and blogging that I do. Thus the light blogging for the last week or so.

The gentleman that cooks my night shift during the week is somewhat new and a little older. I like him a lot and he works his ass off, but he is slow as hell and he can only cook one order at a time. Wednesday when I went in for shift change I got home at 11pm, got online and finally got to sleep after midnight at some point. Thursday about 5:30 he calls me (I think I already posted this) and says that his Aunt has passed away and they would be driving to Florida Friday morning. He was going to come on in anyway and wanted to know if I could get someone in early. I got up up at two Friday morning to go relieve him. During my stumbling around in the bathroom trying to get ready I dropped my bottom set of dentures on the floor and they broke in half. Fuck. I glued the bastards in my mouth anyway and went on in. Those motherfuckers have hurt all weekend. The wife got me a repair kit and I fixed them somewhat but they aren’t aligned right and there are some rough places. That shit has had me in a foul mood ever since. I can’t eat without it hurting and I just want to beat small children and rip the heads off of cute little bunnies. Did I mention I was going to pay a visit to Mr Fabulous and his bunnies? No? Don’t tell him.

Anyway, the guy who was sexually harassing my third shift girls text messaged me as well on Friday morning and quit so that “you guys don’t have to go through the investigation, even though I didn’t do anything”. I like the guy but fuck, this has been happening off and on for several years now and even with him quitting they will do the investigation and put him on the discretionary hire list. It’s discretionary because it is illegal to have a blackball list. We can work someone on the list, but they take the pay directly out of our bonuses. Not too many people get to work for us that are on the discretionary hire list although I spent a year on it and worked anyway. That’s a story for another time though. Anyway, he was scheduled to be my backup cook on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and tomorrow for my boss since I am off. Needless to say I was cook-less Friday and we were fucking busy as all get out.

Saturday I seemed to start developing a rash of some sort on my neck. I don’t know if it’s because of my shaving cream or just the fucking heat at work but this shit is getting worse and starting to spread. I have extremely dry skin so maybe it has something to do with that. The itching was so bad today that I briefly entertained the idea if slapping a hot spatula to my neck at one point today. Probably not a good idea although the pain would have nicely overridden the itching for a brief time. Just put some anti-itch cream on it and it is burning like a motherfucker. Damn.

Since I had to pull my night shift cook off the schedule (he’s the one that quit) one of my other cooks took over two of his nights and I was going to have a waitress that knows how cook Sunday night. Her son used to work for me. He is also one of the ones I fired before Christmas for smoking weed in my parking lot while he was on the clock. He’s actually alright once you get past the stupid and I kind of like him too. She told me Saturday that he was only going to get 30 hours at the store where he works (yes, we hired him at another one) so could he work in her place Sunday night. I said that it would be fine. As long as was only getting 30 hours I don’t mind helping them out. When I got there this morning the stupid motherfucker had left it looking like shit. I had grits left over from Saturday night that I couldn’t serve, the place looked pretty much like crap, and he had asked on of my waitresses if they knew anyone that wanted to buy some Xanax. Christ.

Also last night my credit card terminal went down and I had to explain to the waitresses how to fill out a manual slip. I was very clear in my explanation. Write it legibly. Get the card #, expiration, their name, the total, the tip, and their signature. Very simple. One of the third shift waitresses decided she had her own way to do it and tried to make impressions by rubbing something over it. The only problem with that is that she rubbed too fucking hard and the numbers are illegible. Fucking moron. If any of them get declined I am prepared to handle them as an over-ring but I refuse to do it with the ones she rang up and acted fucking stupid with. Third shift gets to eat that as a cash register shortage and the customer gets to eat free. My day shift had no problems whatsoever with it of course, and then we explained it to the evening shift waitress this afternoon so the first thing she does is hand the fucking slip to the customer and told him what to fill out. I* explained to her again afterward that SHE had to fill it out, not them. I am sure to have at least one or two that I throw away by the time I go back to work at nine tonight.

It took me an hour of being on the phone this morning when I should have been cooking, but I did manage to convince Bank of America to send me a new terminal. No telling when that will arrive though. Anyway, I feel much better now. The wife and Boy just got home so I am heading for napland and will try to post some this evening.