Temple Tigers Lose 18-0

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Pete’s softball team is down to eight players now. Just the minimum to play. There were some issues earlier in the season with the coaching and several of the parents, us included, complained about it to the Mayor as well as the rec department. It wasn’t even so much the coach as it was her family members that attended, although she could be quite sharp at times. She was good at what she does though. Apparently she won’t be back coaching any teams in the foreseeable futre.

Pete hasn’t been feeling very well lately. As a matter of fact she had to stay out of school Monday due to the fact that she felt so bad. Hopefully she is a bit better today.

Anyway, she went ahead and played last night, which was good because if she hadn’t they would have had to forfeit the game. As it was they had their asses handed to them and lost 18-0. That is probably the worst game they have played in the last two years. Pete did manage to get a hit but was caught out before she made it to first. She is hitting better though, and I know that helps it to be a bit more enjoyable. Now if she could just learn to throw and catch a little better she would be kicking some serious butt.

The big thing is that she seems to be having more fun. We won’t let her quit, once she decided she wanted to play she has to finish the season, but if she decides not to play fall ball or play next year that’s OK.