Mac Poker Online

I got an email about the site a little while ago and have been checking the site out for the last little while. Although I don’t use a Mac currently I have several friends that do and my brother does also. This may or may not be of interest to them.

Basically Mac Poker Online is a news site/blog that provides information about online casino games for Macintosh users. There are links to several available sites, saving you a bit of time searching for a site that you can use. Not even remotely poker related, I did find a cartoon of Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs that I haven’t seen before that made me laugh for a few minutes.

There are several different areas of the site, including one that goes into the rules of Poker. While I have played extensively, this is a must read for folks that haven’t but are interested in playing whether on or offline. Some of the links that I looked at were Pacific Poker which is currently a featured room, as well as Poker Stars.

Overall the site was pretty cool. The design is green, reminiscent of a card table and there aren’t an over-abundance of advertisements which is always nice. There is quite a bit of “industry” related news, and while I am not big into card playing, they are well written and I found myself reading through them pretty thoroughly.

There is also an option to get the newsletter emailed to you as well, which is always a nice feature. Just make sure to list the domain on your non-spam list in your email client or it might get caught there.

One thing that I was not aware of (I told you I didn’t do a lot of online gambling) is that you cannot use your paypal account to play with, and most sites actually ban US players because of our laws. There is at least one site over there that does though, so if I were to ever start playing at least I know now where to get my information.

This post has been sponsored by Mac Poker Online.