This is the weekend. Tons of NASCAR fans are starting to converge on the raceway in Alabama. I started seeing mobile homes and trailers headed that way on Monday morning and the number has been increasing steadily all week. By tomorrow morning the influx will be in full flow and of course I will be getting hammered at work. Not drunk unfortunately, just hammered with business. It won’t slow down until Monday and if the race is rained out and they have to run on Monday then I will stay busy until Tuesday.

Even though it meant a farther drive, that is one of the things I didn’t miss about being off of I-20. Race weekend is almost as busy as Christmas for me at work, perhaps busier since it lasts longer.

Tomorrow I will cook most of the morning, do a waffle party for Pete’s class from 2-3PM, then have a meeting from 3-6, and have to go back and cook from 6-?. The question mark means I don’t have a fricking clue when I will get out of there. I really just don’t have enough help to get through the weekend unfortunately, at least not cooks.

I’m sure I will get a bit of time at home between now and Monday and will get online for awhile when I wake up and before I go to bed. All of my associates are excited because it means more money for them, but I would be completely OK with not doing any business this weekend.