I didn’t post quite as much yesterday as I normally would for a day off, I was extremely busy most of the day. I did spend the greater part of the morning doing the ads and whatnot, and managed a couple of posts, as well as trying to get my template fixed.

I spent a couple of hours in the yard as well. I planted several more Elephant Ear bulbs, a Dwarf Spruce, Confederate Jasmine, a Mandeville (sp?) Vine, four more bougainvillea and a couple of small trellis in the front, three hostas, a coffee plant, and I think that’s it. I had to clean the pond pump as well. That pump is pretty darn strong and the filter pretty small, so I end up having to clean it every couple of days or it just won’t let any water get through. I am considering hiding a large Home Depot bucket over there somehow, and submerging the pump in that to pull water out of the pond so that I don’t have to fool with getting down in the pond to clean the filter. I will have to come up with a decent plan before I go to fooling with that stuff though.

Normally on Thursday’s I have meetings, but I think that my division manager is having it tomorrow which is pretty damed stupid. This is race weekend and we are going to be extremely busy probably starting today as people travel to Talladega. I also have to do a waffle party for one of the local schools tomorrow afternoon as well.

As you can see, I have most of the template finished and working correctly. This afternoon when I get home I will mess with the fonts and get those right.