Granny Panties

When I went to Wal-Mart the first time this morning to drop of my prescriptions, I was in line behind this older lady. Now of course I enjoy looking at the ladies, but this one was a bit older than I was or at least she looked to be about 50 or so. At one point she bent slightly over to show me this view of her granny panties sticking out with the signature of sluttiness tattooed above her backside. I thought my fricking eyes were going to burn out in horror. Damn.

I have nothing against tattoos, I even have a couple of nicely placed ones myself. I can see where having that tattoo right above the ass could be considered attractive on a fine young thing, but even fine young things have to grow up eventually and then it becomes stupid looking.

I had this girls working for me when I ran the store in Carrollton, she was pretty young and extremely naive. She wanted to get HER NAME tattooed above her backside. I asked her if that was so guys would know her name when they looked down. She didn’t get it. Last I heard she was pregnant too.

Maybe I am just getting old and jaded but I don’t think so.