I only thought I was tired…

…this morning when I left for work around six AM. I just now walked back in the house. I guess the sixteen hour work days are for, at least for a short while. I spent most of the morning at one of my stores. I couldn’t even count the cash and inventory until I had put an entire weeks worth or paperwork together.

It only took me about 30 minutes at the next one, he had everything ready for me, thank god.

The best part of the day came at my 3rd store where I charmed the manager with my wit and humor and he quit. Damn, that sucks. I will be running that store in addition to my district for about ten days before I get another manager in there. He was actually on his last week of a two week notice anyway, and I think he was planning on leaving today. There was no surprise or anything in it, except on my part. SURPRISE BUDDY!!

I only had two people call in today, plus two more I had already covered shifts because they hung the manager yesterday, and ALL of my night shift people showed up, so I consider than a win.

Once I had the banking and food pull finished for both stores I had to drive to Oxford Alabama and sit in a management meeting where I tried my darnedest not to fall asleep and drool all over the place. That’s why I just got here. I don’t have a heck of a lot more to post about tonight. I started about five different posts this morning but nothing more than a sentence or two, maybe I will make a collage and post them in the morning.