Stumbling Around…

I am particularly groggy this morning. Enough to where I have to use spellcheck. I didn’t sleep worth a crap. The four year old crawled into bed at some point and it’s all elbows and assholes everywhere. I may have gotten three hours of sleep all together and I can feel it this morning. Maybe I will feel better after I’ve sucked down some coffee.

My doctor’s visit didn’t go too bad yesterday. My blood pressure, which has been high for some reason on my last two visits was back down to 127/80 which is right around what it normally is. I was happy to hear that. I think it was high on my last visit just because my back was hurting.

She couldn’t find much explanation for why I broke out and just gave me some cleaning pads, like Stridex. She said it could have been something as simple as something getting onto my razor blade or face and bacteria getting on my skin. Nasty.

My lymph nodes are slightly swollen as well which I knew. The swelling has actually gone down quite a bit. She did give me an antibiotic to help finish the job though. At first she tried to give me the Z-pack but that is the one that I had such a serious reaction to last year so I told her that, at which point she looked it up. It doesn’t go very well with the cholesterol medicine that I am taking. No shit. I thought I was having a heart attack when I took it last year.