…Last one for awhile anyway. All of this vacation talk is getting old. I get to take on in July, starting on the 5th as a matter of fact, but I still don’t know if we are going to go anywhere yet or not. I wouldn’t mind going to London if we had the opportunity though. The wife has a close friend who is from England originally (she’s the one that lives in Hilton Head now). I don’t really know anyone from England myself, but I did make out with a Londoner of the female persuasion once though, if that counts.

Anyway, just as with any other places, if you keep a close eye on prices you can get a pretty good deal on flights to London every once in awhile, and their are always cheap hotels in London to be found. I don’t necessarily mean a bad cheap hotel in London, but just one with a good deal. There are pretty nice three and four star hotels that have sales plenty of the time, without having to go broke, or stay in a roach motel.

Believe it or not, but London has been around for over 2000 years. Considering that I look at things here in the United States that are 3 or 4 hundred years old and consider them OLD, there are parts of London that are just ancient. All of that history just wows me. I think that even though it’s not particularly warm, I wouldn’t mind. The average high and low temperatures over there are only about 38 degrees apart, compared with a much bigger range here. Even though I like it warm, I don’t like it TOO warm, at least not for an extended amount of time. The average temp in London for July and August is about 72 degrees. Perfect.


Most of us have seen this picture before, but if not, it is Westminster Abbey which is one of London’s oldest and most important buildings.

And this is the Palace of Westminster, which houses Parliament now.


The twin buildings toward the right are Westminster Abbey again. This picture is a picture of the day over at Wiki, and the author is Diliff.

This one I got off of Flickr and Wiki, thanks to Dano…


Too bad our friend lives in Hilton Head, SC or we might be able to visit here there. As it is I am sure that we could stay in one of the many cheap hotels in London that I found at easyhotel.

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