One of the things that I am required to do as part of my new job is to make a stop at one of the nearby businesses before I show up at every one of my stores, every time I go there. It’s called stop & recruit and is something we have done for a very long time. Even as a store manager I did it on a regular basis. Word-of-mouth advertising and recruiting potential customers and employees.

It’s a bit harder right now, because I am almost embarrassed to invite anyone into my three stores, particularly on any shift other than the morning shift. They pretty much suck all the way around, although one is worse than the other two. That will get better with time. I don’t expect to be able to get it right before the end of the summer, and possibly by Christmas I will have a really good staff.

Anyway, I have to order business cards and I was seriously considering some of those personalized pens as well. You know, “Hey, sorry your meal sucked but here’s a nifty pen!”