Up Early…

…or at least I tried. I managed to get up about half an hour ago, which is fifteen minutes later than normal. I have to be in one of the stores in about forty-five minutes. Normally we have one of the waitresses in at six am every day, but the one store I have been having problems with in other areas, they also can’t seem to show up on time at work. That may be because the manager is also late half the time. Being on time is one of my pet peeves. I decided that each day that the six am girl was late was a day on the next schedule where the entire shift has to come in at six. Obviously they aren’t too pleased with it, but it may fix the problem…

No meeting today thank goodness. I have to work a double tomorrow, so the meeting is being held in the store where I am already going to be working anyway.

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  1. Can you believe in the ER even some of the nurses always come in late? Staff being late regularly (and getting away with it) cause the rest of the staff that start their job on time to feel unappreciated and lose some of their work morale or team spirit.

    The manager should be setting a better example!

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