And it keeps getting better…

I finally figure out what woke me up last night/this morning. It was the Boy hollering at the laptop on some game he was playing. I remember calling him and telling him to go to bed now, but by that time I was up and stayed that way for awhile.

I got to work a little after the usual time this morning, and had a cook come in because I knew I was going to be busy. It’s a good thing because one of my managers didn’t show up for work until 8:15 this morning. We are supposed the be in the stores by 6:30 every morning at the latest. He overslept. by. two. fucking. hours. I’m not particularly happy with that right now as it’s the second time this week and has been a constant thing since I picked up his store. I’m probably going to have to go a bit further than just talking to him this time.

Since this was paperwork and payroll closeout day I normally pick that stuff up on Wednesday mornings but I was way behind because of the late guy. I told my managers to bring me their paperwork by 3:30 this afternoon so that I could go through the books at home tonight. four fucking forty five rolls around and I left without that one guy’s stuff, called and told him to leave it at the store I would be at in the morning and I would go through it then.

I can understand being disorganized and being poor at time management. I resemble all of the above, so there are things that I do habitually to negate the fact that I get caught up doing other stuff. I’m still not sure if this is a case of time management or just lazy don’t give a shit instead. Either way I will give it my best shot at helping to fix the problem, but it lost me $1150 of income over the last four weeks and I won’t put up with that garbage very much longer before I become a real asshole. I could run better numbers with no manager than are being run right now. Just too much money on the line to put up with bullshit.

I’m finished ranting for the evening I suppose. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to fix the problem.