…and better…

I hired a girl for one of my stores the other day and interviewed another one and left her app for the manager to look over. I sent the first girl to one particular store where I have my newest manager. It’s also the busiest store so it’s in my best interest to make sure it gets staffed first with quality people. The other manager I guess decided to claim that girl and told the other manager to call the one whose app I had left.

It ends up being that the first girl is all over BOTH schedules now and the other one isn’t working yet. My new manager is off today and of course I am hung because this girl is on the schedule for evening shift, but she worked graveyard at the other store last night and is working it again tonight.

I won’t normally call my managers on their off days as they are definitely sacred and I can handle any problems that arise, but I did call her today and let her know that she and the other manager were going to have to get this worked out as I was not going to get stuck waiting damn tables on their days off.