This review is sponsored by – The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games.

Remember when used book stores and video stores were still a real big thing. When I was a kid there was a really big one near us and quite a few weekends we would go to the trade-a-book place to get new books. After a few years they started offering videos and later still, games.

That trade-a-book place is no longer there, but the idea still remains. BarterBee is a free way online to get movies, music and games. The way it works is that you sell your existing CDs, games, and movies through BarterBee and earn points. Heck, just by signing up for the service you already get 5 points to buy with. As you sell your items you collect more points and use them to get what you want.

Just browsing through the movies I see that they are currently selling for anywhere from 5-21 points, so just by signing up you are half-way to getting one that you haven’t seen before, some of them you can go ahead and get right away.

It’s like a huge yard sale on the Internet. That’s one of the things that I look for when I browse yard sales aside from computer equipment. People always want to sell their existing multimedia and sometimes you can find a really great deal that way. Barterbee allows you to do all of that but never leave the comfort of your home to deal with the traffic and the summer heat. If you have a couple of minutes, go check out – The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games.