The Minimum Wage Increase…

…or How my government gave me an involuntary PAY CUT.

July 24th the new Federal Minimum Wage goes from 5.15 to 5.85 an hour. At the same time we, like most companies around the united states will be raising our prices to compensate for it. As far as my employees go it indirectly effects them. Nobody that works for us makes minimum wage except during the first week of training but since their (and my) cost of living is about to be jacked up everywhere, they are all effectively taking a pay cut. The folks that make, for instance, $7 an hour certainly aren’t getting a pay raise any time soon and now that I have explained how this shit works to most of them they are entirely unhappy with the new law. The truth hurts.

The tipped minimum wage isn’t changing at all. It is currently $2.13 an hour and most of the waitresses that work for me make about a dollar an hour more anyway, plus tips. I would say that most of them average between $7 and $15 an hour depending on what kind of job they do and how busy we are. Like any other sales position in the world what you make is related to what kind of job you do.

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