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You Can Always Tell…

…when I am trying to just find some filler or it’s been a slow day in the old thought factory because I start posting news blurbs. Actually I have always done that but with the newsroom stuff like the immigration raid story I get a tiny but per read. Not much, but it pays like Google Adsense does. I just wish I could customize the display a little bit more, say to a black background. They fit in well at my tech site but not as much here.

Two of my three managers are back in today, and the other is on vacation so I am back to running just one store as well as the district. One store is pretty easy, but I need to find a way to make it a little less stressful on myself when I have two of them out, like this past Thursday and Friday. I scheduled both of my relief managers to work so that I wouldn’t be productive, which makes it a bit easier, but Thursday one of them was sick so I let her go home and cooked lunch myself.

Once or twice a year we have get-togethers or management “care and shares”. What a gay name. Monday will be pretty cool though, we are going out for Mexican and then going to the Braves game. The only problem I have with that is that I won’t get home until at least midnight and then have to turn around and work part of the morning. Tuesday we have another one, but this is only for the multi-unit managers. Sounds like a barbecue or something. I will definitely have to take beer to that one. Several hours with the multi-unit team on an island in the middle of a lake might just cause me to drink a bit heavily. I have to work the next day as well. I probably could have picked a better day off than Monday but such is luck.

It looks like the Boy will tentatively graduate on September 14th. Since I am going to be taking that weekend off that may put me off the prior weekend, which is supposed to be the blogmeet at Amicalola. I was really looking forward to that, but going to boot camp graduation is more important. Maybe I can make it to Eric’s in October. That will probably be the next most likely time for me. I just depends on the other district’s and when they have their vacations scheduled.

Dax has a particularly nasty meme up. DON’T visit if you are easily offended. Hell, don’t click if it’s not so easy to offend. You have been warned. Here’s the link. I am tempted to actually answer the meme. I actually have the post half written but don’t know if I want to post it or not.

Tuesday is the one year anniversary of Acidman’s death. Damn. It doesn’t seem like it’s been quite that long, and then again it seems longer. Things have changed very drastically for me since then as far as working. I’ve met some pretty cool people over the last year, as a direct result of going to his funeral. I’ve written a post, but won’t put it up until the 26th.

Elisson’s making ice cream. Damn, didja bring enough for the rest of the class.

I really need to get my blogroll fixed. I should have some time on Monday morning. Since I was able to export it to a Word document I can just pull the links from there and add them in to a text file. It’s just very tedious because even with cleaning it up there are quite a few links. Maybe I will go back to using blogrolling after all. That’s what I have my Techroll hosted on. Search isn’t working on my tech site apparently. I just tried to search for the entry over there to link to and got a 500 error. PITA. It’s here and I will update the links to it shortly. Will have to fix the search widget as well, but probably not today. Too much to do, too little time.

It’s way past time to start getting ready for work so I will leave you with all of the pointless stuff above. Something to do on a lovely Saturday whilst I work.

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