Relaxing and Venting…

I have a few minutes before my ride gets here, so I decided to put up a couple of posts. After having changed the battery I needed a shower anyway, so I have cleaned up and am now relaxing sipping that Shiner Bock that was so needed.

I don’t know when the hell everything is going to settle down at work but damn some days are stressful. The money is getting a little better judging from my last paycheck but I damn sure hope this promotion has been worth it in the long run. I know it is or will be but I sure do let myself get overly stressed out at times. Part of that is that I care about my stores and have fairly high standards, so that when shit start heading south I am not at all pleased. The last guy that had my position just came and went whenever he wanted and if his stores weren’t staffed, or were dirty it didn’t matter. He would leave waitresses with no cooks all night and shit like that.

Speaking of no cooks I got a call about 1AM Sunday night. My cook at the store where the manager is on vacation had left. His wife had gotten pulled over or was in an accident so the second waitress took him to a nearby town to pick her up. That left one girl working and she waited for 45 minutes when she had a full house before damn calling me to let me know what the situation was.

I ended up getting about three quarters of the way there before they called me back to let me know that the errant waitress and cook had returned. I just went home at that point knowing that if I went in I would nd up sending the lot of the stupid fuckers home and work it. Needless to say I was not impressed.

Yesterday being my day off my boss and a manager trainee ran the shop. NOTHING was done. No damn paperwork, no nothing. I have a few words for my boss when I get to the cookout this afternoon but they have given me about an extra three hours of paperwork to do tomorrow. Asshats.

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