The “Care & Share”

Our multi-unit get-together today was a blast. We ended up going to the lake in the gated community where my boss lives. I’ve a fairly large area, and we were using an island. I got there about 11:30 or so and he came to pick us up at the marina and took us all out to the island. Lots of good food, ribs, hot dogs, plenty of side dishes, and even beer.

I ended up getting on this floating thing and getting pulled behind the boat a couple of times. I was about the only one that didn’t get dumped off. It fit up the three or four people, so at one point there were three of us getting pulled. The two of them fell off at which point I went airborne and came back down with a resounding thump as my breath went out of me. By god I held on for dear life though.

I do have a nice little sunburn now and I am sure that when I wake up tomorrow not only will my sunburn be hurting like a bitch but my back is probably going to be killing me as well.

I did let my boss know that I would be late tomorrow as I will end up taking the wife and girls where they need to go prior to coming in. I have a ton of work to do tomorrow. Luckily my manager comes back from vacation on Saturday. Damn I am ready for that.

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  1. I am so jealous. We are moving to a lake, and we spent almost every weekend out there. I keep seeing people behind the boats being drug around and I want to do it too!

    Glad you had fun, it sounded awesome.

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