Hit Him With A Brick

Sometimes I just want to bash this one manager’s head in with a heavy blunt object. When I am in a restaurant or when I was a manager if someone was late and had not called I immediately tried to get them covered. CYA. Our folks have to be clocked in and on the floor at ten minutes prior to shift change time, i.e. 1:50PM, 8:50PM, and 6:50AM. It’s very simple. If they aren’t there by quarter till I am on the phone with THEM and if they still aren’t there five minutes later I start looking for replacements. I spoke with this particular manager at 2:25 and his cook wasn’t there. I asked who he had called. Nobody. He said he didn’t have anyone to call. He has plenty of people to call, but rather than paying a few hours of overtime he will leave the restaurant understaffed. I told him he was going to have to work it if he couldn’t get someone in there and gave him a couple of phone numbers.

He keeps all these people around that don’t have phones or cars and just doesn’t want to replace them or doesn’t have whatever it takes to get things done THEN, when it’s needed, rather than his leisure. Thus the blunt object.