Finalizing Vacation Plans

We finally figured out exactly what it is we are doing this week. Thursday evening we will be meeting some fellow bloggers at some Indian restaurant next to a big hotel in Atlanta, as Eric explained it. Boy, that fucking helps don’t it? Anyway, if I forget to email you give me a call or shoot me an email.

Friday morning the wife has to run to the doctor and then we will probably make the drive down to Bluffton and stay the weekend. We will probably be down there until Monday or Tuesday morning and hit Savannah at some point over the weekend. I would stay longer but since I have to be back at work on Thursday morning I want at least one day at home to get stuff taken care of.

The wife and Pete just went to the store to get the makings for a Greek salad. That will be a nice cool supper. Salad and bread. I am sure that I will be craving beef by the time tomorrow morning rolls around.

Just two more days until vacation. I have a manager off tomorrow but my relief manager will be with me as well as a manager trainee. I am going to try and take it as easy as possible before I am finished on Wednesday. I do have to check on the fireworks. Someone told me that they are doing them locally tomorrow evening. That may very well be a problem as I really don’t have the help I need in my stores on a Tuesday night for that sort of rush. I may end up working fairly late on Tuesday night.

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