…ass is about all I am doing this morning. I fell asleep watching Eddie Izzard last night somewhere around ten and then didn’t wake up until almost five this morning. I guess it’s this week is starting to wear on me. It’s not like it’s my eighth day at work or something. Oh wait, it is my eighth day at work. No damn wonder I am dragging.

One of my managers is off today so this will be the only day this week where I may not get out early. For some reason the city of Villa Rica is having their fireworks display tonight rather than tomorrow, which is all screwed up. Still not sure why they are doing that. Tomorrow is the Fourth, that’s when they should have them.

As dry as it is I didn’t even bother to buy any fireworks this year. I’m too afraid I would set my yard on fire. That would not be a good thing for anyone concerned.

Tomorrow is also my last day prior to starting vacation as well. It’s only been three months since my last one, maybe a bit longer, but I feel like it’s been about twelve months already. I will definitely enjoy it even if I have to be somewhat cheap on this one.

That was weird. My Internet connection went down for about three minutes or so. I was getting ready to get all pissed off at Charter again. I haven’t had any problems in the last 24 hours or more since that little rainstorm knocked out my connection on Sunday night but with Charter you never can tell. Shit, if I could afford it I would pick up DSL and keep cable just to have a backup connection. That’s just one of those unnecessary luxuries that I am not willing to pay for though.

There goes the wife’s alarm on her cell phone. I managed to make it into the kitchen where it is this morning, without getting injured. Didn’t want a repeat of yesterday. My toe is fine, but damned if my knee still isn’t hurting where I ripped off several layers of skin on the carpet. Dumb-ass.

I am having a hard time paying attention this morning. My mind keeps wandering. I think the wife found us a babysitter for Thursday night, so I know I am looking forward to going out for awhile. I’ve heard from a couple of people we may be meeting up with but I know this time of year is pretty busy for quite a few people.

Everyone send out their best wishes for RSM, who is going to be offline for awhile in basic training. As he says, it’s not goodbye but merely a hiatus and a bit of change…Good luck buddy, although luck isn’t something you will need there, just the determination that you already carry with you.

That’s about it for this morning. I have to get off my ass and start getting ready for work now matter how much I am hating it at 5:58 this morning…