The Police


A while back I posted a bit about the Police, their new album, and the subsequent concert. The new album is a two CD compilation of their most renowned songs. The Police were the quintessential 80’s band, and these songs show why. Here is the track listing:

Disc 01
01 Fall Out
02 Can’t Stand Losing You
03 Next To You
04 Roxanne
05 Truth Hits Everybody
06 Hole In My Life
07 So Lonely
08 Message In A Bottle
09 Reggatta de Blanc
10 Bring On The Night
11 Walking On The Moon
12 The Bed’s Too Big Without You
13 Don’t Stand So Close To Me
14 Driven To Tears
15 Canary In A Coalmine

Disc 02
01 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
02 Voices Inside My Head
03 Invisible Sun
04 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
05 Spirits In The Material World
06 Demolition Man
07 Rehumanize Yourself
08 Every Breath You Take
09 Synchronicity I
10 Wrapped Around Your Finger
11 Walking In Your Footsteps
12 Synchronicity II
13 King Of Pain
14 Murder By Numbers
15 Tea In The Sahara

I’m not a huge die hard fan, everyone knows I am into metal and classic rock as well as the blues, but I do enjoy their music. Enough to purchase The Police CD and see them on tour anyway, which is a pretty good bit I suppose.

They even have a widget at their website that you can install on your page that shows their upcoming and current tour dates.

Here is a spot that has been running on TV in the UK recently.

Anyway, the CD has been out for about a month now, and along with the two CDs includes a vintage Police poster as well. One of the things for me not being a humongous fan is that I don’t constantly listen to them anymore, and I was extremely pleased to listen to the album as I forgot just how catchy and enjoyable their music is.

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