Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Release

Well, only about half an hour until the Harry Potter book gets released. I have enjoyed the extra traffic this week, as well as the extra Google Adsense hits that came along with it. Quite a bit more than the normal amount that I get, mainly because of my post on the Deathly Hallows Spoiler 🙂 Believe it or not I have gotten 2800+ unique visits today, about 2300 of them looking for a Harry Potter spoiler.

I amazes me how many people are actually staying up all night in anticipation of it. Harry Potter parties at book stores, heck even the local Wal-Mart is having one. I am truly amazed. I enjoy a good book as much as anyone and I am really looking forward to this one, both with anticipation as well as a little sadness since it will be the last one, but I am darn sure not going to be hanging out all night irresponsibly keeping my children up until two or three in the morning just for a darn book. It’s not like the X-Box 360. There will be plenty of them to go around and even if there isn’t haven’t you guys ever heard of Amazon? I will be receiving the book in the comfort of my mailbox tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work just like 90% of the other books that we get.

BTW, this will also be my weekend Open Track-Back post for July 20th-21st.

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