I hate days like this…

For some reason this entire week has been very rough. I think it’s mainly a result of staying out too late the other evening. I have felt like I was behind the eight ball all week long. It was still worth it though.

I just got home from overseeing shift change at my busiest store. I had a bunch of paperwork to do that I haven’t had the chance to finish the last couple of days, and I don’t leave my managers without finishing the stuff since I expect them to have it complete before they leave.

Unfortunately I am at my store with the weakest manager tomorrow. He is off this weekend, which means two fourteen+ hour days just cleaning up the fucking mess that he has made over the last six days. I stopped in earlier today and the entire weeks paperwork was strewn all over the office (which is a tiny 4’x4′ room) including the floor. If that shit is still like that tomorrow I am just going to throw it all in a bag and go about my merry way running cash shortages on his ass. He can figure out what paperwork he hasn’t done when he comes back. I am pretty much over having to spend four hours after the end of my first shift there just putting together paperwork that he hasn’t had the chance to complete.

He has serious time management issues. Actually he just has lazy running of the fucking mouth issues. I have spent the last 11 weeks trying to get him motivated and change some of his bad habits and no matter what I tell him to do he gives me the lip service and just does whatever the hell he wants. The only reason I haven’t made a huge issue out of it yet is that the trainee that is next in line for a store is worse. He never shuts up and won’t stop and sit down long enough to listen or learn anything. Once he gets a store somewhere else then I will turn up the heat until old dude either starts doing his job or quits. He goes on vacation next week so that will be the opportunity for me to make some changes in his store. There are a couple of female trainees that have recently started that seem pretty sharp and on the ball, and I want one of them in my store.

Enough ranting about work for tonight, I think I will go find some mindless bullshit and read about it, maybe even post it.