Lohan Surrenders to Police

Lindsay Lohan turned herself in to face charges of driving under the influence in connection with the Memorial Day weekend hit-and-run crash that sent her into rehab.

It really sucks when people like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are the “heroes” and role models for our little girls. Here at the Miles casa we try and minimize that by giving them other alternatives but the fact is that the females they see on television are always going to take the forefront of what they see and hear over historical or literary figures and even the ones that seem as if they might be good choices might just go out and get caught on video driving drunk or taking it up the butt in the bushes. You just never know.

Accompanied by her attorney, the 21-year-old actress surrendered at the Beverly Hills Police Department Thursday afternoon to be fingerprinted and photographed, Officer Brian Ballieweg said.

At least her attorney was smart enough to get her to turn herself in rather than letting them show up and drag her self in.


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