Updates (on the PC side)

The wife has had a few issues with her computer lately. I don’t mess with it anymore, thus we have less stability issues because I am not installing the latest and greatest thing. She used to have AOL on the computer with a free version of an antivirus but we aren’t using it anymore so I need to install something else. With the girls surfing the net on that computer it is almost imperative that I get antivirus software on it. There are several sites that offer free antivirus downloads including the one I linked to at freeantivirusinfo.com

The offer the free Norton Antivirus download on their pages, you can see some reviews if you haven’t ever run Norton, which is one of the top of the line AntiVirus programs out there. It’s been updated to be compatible with both Windows XP and Vista, and now includes unlimited Virus definition updates for free. Up until recently you were only able to get access to six months of definition updates.

I don’t guess I will have any free time until Monday to install it, but I definitely need to get it loaded on to her computer as soon as I possibly can.