Baby Shower Decorations

Normally I don’t get too involved in the daily lives of my employees but I have known some of these girls for literally most of their lives and one of them asked me for advice on her baby shower decorations. Her mother worked for me for several years and she came to work for me back in October of last year so even though I apply the rule to stay out of their personal business that just means to me that I won’t attend but it doesn’t stop me from helping them out if I have the chance. Having had three children of my own and going through this already gives me a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t so I suggested something along the lines of a Winnie the Pooh baby shower.

Parents and kids alike love Pooh. It doesn’t matter how old they are. It just brings back happy childhood memories for most of us. When we took the kids to Disney in 2005 one of the prized possessions that the youngest girl brought back was a stuffed Pooh Bear that I got for her.

Anyway, whether I am attending the shower or not is pretty much a moot point because planning is what I am good at, which is why she asked me for help with her baby shower and help picking out decorations for it.

I did give her one other suggestion for her baby shower theme just in case she didn’t like Pooh and that was to have a Precious Moments shower theme like the one at Party Pail. They are both fairly inexpensive and include Thank You Cards, a centerpiece, plates, napkins, tableware, a tablecloth, balloons and streamers to decorate the room with.

Now obviously I can’t have children but having three of them I know that being pregnant is no picnic so why not have a little fun with the baby shower in the meantime? Not to mention the fact that I just enjoy a good party, even one centered around children. That’s one of the reasons we normally have our children’s birthday parties at the house rather than someplace else. The other one is because I am just cheap like that.

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