Holiday Cheer From Coupon Chief…

It’s about time for me to start shopping for the holidays in the next couple of weeks. In addition to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years both of my girls have birthdays as do I. Immediately after Christmas my son and wife have birthdays. Thus the fact that I am in the poor house five months of the year and only a pauper the other seven. I’m going to do the same thing I did last year and use Coupon Chief for most of these purchases, at least the ones online. I have posted about Coupon Chief before and how useful they are. They have up to date coupons and great deals along with excellent customer support. Want some examples of the coupons I found today?

You’re getting them anyway.

Normally when I go over there it’s looking for computer supplies and deals but I am probably not going to be getting any type of PC equipment for people this year so I went looking at some of the ‘normal’ stuff.

Target has some pretty good deals at Coupon Chief right now such as $5 off any purchase $50 or more, free shipping when you have more than $25 in shoes and free shipping on orders over $50 in Womens. Not too bad. I hate getting clothes for Christmas or birthdays myself. I consider myself a better judge of what I want to wear than you are for some reason, but clothes are a great gift for my girls. They love them. Thus the fact that I will end up doing some of my shopping at Target. Now if you want to spend a couple hundred bucks and buy me a new leather jacket I might reconsider my opinion of you giving me clothes but that’s about it.

Another store, and one that will be good for the wife is the Home Depot. Believe it or not, I want to get the wife and myself some new tools and a new chainsaw. Some tile for the bathroom would be cool too. Coupon Chief has several good deals for Home Depot such as a $250 Home Depot gift card with the purchase of select appliances, free delivery and haul away on appliances $299 and more, and there is an online clearance event going on right now with deals from 20%-50% off.

You get the gist of it. Use Coupon Chief when you are shopping online = save money. Don’t use coupon chief = flush it down the toilet why dontcha!