Stuff To Do…

Although I would enjoy going to Atlanta this evening to get together with some folks I think we are having company at the house for supper. In addition to that I have a manager off today so I need to stick around the general vicinity just in case something happens at work and I need to get there fast.

Even with him being off everything should go well today. I have a cook as well as a manager trainee and my new relief manager going to be there. It should be a cake-walk as long as everyone shows up for work. That’s the hard part I suppose.

My old relief manager has pretty much disappeared on me. He has been working two different jobs the last few weeks, and is single and fairly young so spends a bit of time partying when he would otherwise be sleeping if he was smart. He no-showed on me three times the last ten days he is working and I think he is just too embarrassed to come talk to me and apologize. It’s not a huge deal with me. I know he’s been working his ass off and if he comes back around later wanting a job I will be more than happy to give him one.

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  1. I hope you make plenty of money? For you to work all of those hours and also work on holidays and work on days off and to be on call 24-7, I hope you are charging the company a lot of money, Cat

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