Time to Eat Humble Pie (Just not Steve Marriott)…

A while back I had posted about those four girls that died in an SUV crash because the driver had allegedly been texting and driving at the same time. I made some comment about teenagers and retards being the only one who send text message whilst driving. Zonker piped up in my comments and said that he drives and texts while driving. Although I felt bad I made a pithy comment about him needing to make sure that he wears clean underwear while driving (because you never know when you are going to be in an accident.)

So I’m driving down the road and I see this dude with one hand on the wheel and the other sending text messages on his phone. Was he texting his lovely wife? Maybe something horrendous had happened at home! There must have been some unavoidable emergency and he was racing to the scene to render aid… Perhaps he was frantically running from the murderous thugs in the sedan behind him? Nope. None of the above.

He was sending text messages to Twitter. I saw this retard in my rear view mirror and he looked amazingly like me!

Sometimes you just have to eat your fucking words.

Twitter Kills

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4 throughts on "Time to Eat Humble Pie (Just not Steve Marriott)…"

  1. So naturally, I had to leave the RSS reader and visit your homepage so I could see what you twittered while you were driving. lol It is addicting isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Most definitely addictive and I don’t even post that many twitters. Just started getting the text message on my phone though and I will occasionally have to respond in kind.

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