Granite and Marble Countertops

Now that I have seen Elisson’s ideas for his new kitchen setup I have been hankering to redo ours. Alas, that’s going to have to wait. I would however like to get the master bathroom done at some point in the near future. The wife wants to tile and paint it anyway, so we might as well redo the countertops as well and replace them with granite.

I’ve looked around at several different places and I must say that I am impressed with the level of service and professionalism at All Granite and Marble. Apparently quite a bit of their appeal is the process that they go through versus what a lot of other companies do.

All Granite was the third shop in the country to start using computer numerically controlled machinery for the fabrication of granite countertops and this speeds the project up immensely and also improves the quality of the finished product. It has to do with the fact that since the machines are computer controlled they get the exact cut you need and since they use water the edges are much more smooth and less dull than other competitors. They have five of the machines,so can get it done in a timely manner.

They also have a much faster turnaround time than most other companies as well. Since there is no middle man, they take three days from the time of templating your cabinets until they are installed. Since quite a few companies take anywhere from two weeks to two months and leave you without cabinets this is a pretty darn big deal.

They also sell tools and granite maintenance and care products as well. One of the things I learned from a friend of my a few years ago is that you need to keep granite cleaner on hand as well in order to keep it looking beautiful. One thing that he had done that was really exciting to me is that he had his touchscreen home automation interface mounted directly into his granite countertop in the bar. It was a very nice finished project. Being so much into home automation as I am this was neat.

Here is what I would love to put in the bathroom…


Changing our countertops in the bathroom would make all the difference in the world as to how they look and feel. Our guest bath is deisgned with an oriental motif and something along these lines would also look great in there as well.