John Evander Couey Sentenced To Death

John Couey was sentenced to death today for the 2005 kidnapping, rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford. I had sent a twitter post when I heard but since it isn’t up yet I though I would go ahead and write a bit about it. At the time this horrible incident happened back in 2005 I posted a couple of times on the subject and was just disgusted and awed that this sick bastard could do something like this.

Justice has prevailed in the case and after an hour of deliberation a jury recommended 10-2 that Couey receive the death penalty. He is a previously convicted sex offender with a 30 year criminal history that told the police at one point that he would do it again.

In a recorded conversation between Couey and his Aunt he said he knew he was going to be given the death penalty.

About the only thing that could make this better is if her were to be made to suffer as his victim did before he is killed.

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4 throughts on "John Evander Couey Sentenced To Death"

  1. Ah, sweet Saturday; OTB

    What have I accomplished today? Let’s see…I went through emails, I worked on my open trackbacks, I got a new mouse that had a cord that was too short (actually, my brother got it for me because I don’t leave the apartment, but that’s a whole di ……

  2. I agree. Now the trick is to go ahead and get it done instead of having him sit on death row for the next 20 years.

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