New York Hotels

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I’ve been to New York City one time back in the eighties and had a great time. From what I understand though, the city has really cleaned up and although New York culture will always remain the same I would like to go back and check things out. When I visited we were actually staying across the sound in Connecticut so just took a day trip into the city. We stayed at the Plaza Hotel briefly and had dinner there as well. I would be nice to go back now that 20 years have passed so that I can see what has changed. I would be interested in spending more time and visiting some of the sites that I missed the last time.

One place I wouldn’t mind staying is the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. If I booked early enough I could probably even get decent rates for New Years Eve. I know it’s hugely overrated but just once I would like to be in Times Square to watch the ball drop. That has to be an amazing site with all of the people.