Raising Hell Helen

I am so going to hell for this but at least I will have company. I’ve got my gear for Helen, have you got yours?


Having spent the last two decades in management I have become quite adept at shifting blame, so you can blame this one on the jews. They make more sense than the rest anyway.

When my church loving nine-year-old (we let them make their own choices, I just won’t take them) saw the shirt and realized that we were taking a picture she says “I want to be Mary!”


Jeebus Rules Man!

4 throughts on "Raising Hell Helen"

  1. Imp is gonna be there, too? Cool.

    BTW – Who’s that handsome mofo in the picture? Huh? No, I’m talking about the picture on your shirt, you fool.

  2. I think I saw him on a picture at the post office. Gonna we weird walking around with me cause you know I will be wearing that sucker in public. Don’t forget your ram’s horns. Jeebus and Zeebus…

  3. Technocracy

    How then, do the people of North America “prove” Technocracy’s design? While there are many people who are well trained in many of the areas that Technocracy covers, no one is an expert in all of them, nor would it be possible for someone to be. Howeve…

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