Tyson’s Cancels Labor Day Holiday…

In Shelbyville, Tennessee more than half of the plant workers are Muslims. That in itself is no big issue. Other than the fact that they worship a religion that specifically tells them to enslave and kill unbelievers it’s just another crappy religion. The problem lies in the fact that the Union negotiated into their newest…Read more

More FLDS Kids Taken in Custody

All in all Texas has taken legal custody of 401 children from the FLDS compound in Texas according to CNN. They are keeping the children at a temporary shelter nearby while they do their investigation. CBS news has a report on the investigation. Police still haven’t found the people they are looking for, the 16-year-old…Read more

How Do We Know Christians Are Delusional?

Delusion – A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact. I came across this site (and the above video) last night and found it pretty interesting. The narrator is like one of those phys ed movies from the fifties that we had to watch in the 70’s. They certainly…Read more