Need More SLeep…

I have a ton of writing that I want to do but as I sit down at the keyboard I just don’t feel like doing any of it. Part of it is that I have had a long week full of long days and I am worn out. I sat down to write a couple of things before I have to go to work but I think that perhaps I will just reset my alarm on the cell phone and go lie back down for another 45 minutes or so…

The party is tonight so although I am sure that I will be posting tweets and the occasional picture, this is about it until tomorrow.

1 throught on "Need More SLeep…"

  1. Wrapping paper is the best kind of paper ;~)

    I’m worn out after a long week, too, so I can certainly empathize!

    Hope you have a great weekend and whatever the party is, I hope it’s a fun one 🙂

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