Subliminal Learning

I have been thinking about stopping smoking for a long time now. The problem is that I occasionally still enjoy it. Most of the time it’s just a habit but I fight these things, particularly since everyone in the house wants me to stop. It’s a psychological thing I guess.

One of the guys I used to work with has been in the same boat for the last few years. A couple of years back he tried hypnosis and that seemed to work briefly but not for good. Recently he has been trying subliminal messaging and thus far he has been doing a pretty good job at it. I don’t work with him anymore and only speak to him on the phone occasionally so I don’t actually know if he has stopped or not for real but he does claim he’s not smoking at all and attributes it to subliminal CDs that he ordered off of the Internet. What’s interesting is that he is creating his own subliminal tapes and subliminal CDs himself using Subliminal Studio.

Subliminal messages are supposed to be pretty powerful stuff. The only reason I haven’t done anything like that is because I am always afraid I will wake up barking like a chicken or something 😉 Seriously though, I looked around the site after he told me a bit about it and the whole deal looks pretty cool. I do know that a lot of people use subliminal audio to learn languages, refine their thinking so that it’s sharper, even get rid of fears. Hey, maybe I should make a tape that will get me over my fear of flying before I have to go anywhere again. I am deathly afraid of flying and it would be pretty cool to get rid of that one.

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