Good Old Southern Breakfast

I needed a break from blogging and since I had to go pick up that Avon stuff (in a minute…) I decided to head down to about the only place in town where I can actually sit down and have breakfast, the Waffle House. Yeah, what the hell am I doing there on my day off? It’s not mine and everyone in town including myself has been waiting for this place to open up for years now so it’s nice to have.

Scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy. I am very satisfied now and feel much better that I have eaten. There are some days that I will get so busy on the computer or working that I just forget to eat and then spend the day feeling like crap so it’s a good thing to take care of myself even if I could feel my arteries hardening at every bite.

About the Avon thing…One of the ladies that works there sells Avon on the side and I will usually get part of my Christmas shopping done through here. I picked up a Dora the Explorer shower curtain and bath rug set for RePete and a Tinkerbell inflatable backrest pillow for Pete. And there you though I was getting all limp wristed and shit. Personally I prefer the Disney Princesses for my shower set. Cool

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