Remote PC Access

One of the things that was really nice when I worked in our IT department in Norcross is that I had access to some cool stuff. I was normally able to access the PCs in my house from work and vice versa. I was really nice to be able to control everything (including my lights) from work and work from home on the weekends when it was my turn. It certainly made it easier than having to make that 150 mile round trip on Saturdays and Sundays.

RemotePC is one of the biggest remote access solutions for personal computers. You can access your work and home computer from just about anywhere that has Internet access for under $5 a month. They have several different plans that are really affordable and it also costs less than gotomypc, one of their leading competitors.

I’ve tried using other solutions that are built in to Windows but have had varied results. The best type of remote access I have found has always been that of a dedicated solution such as RemotePC. It’s compatible with Windows Vista, which meets my needs and runs seamlessly and is very quick.

One of the things I like about RemotePC is the fact that it’s easy to setup a temporary license key and log into someone’s computer that is having problems and called me for help. I don’t have the luxury anymore of having a lot of free time to go to people’s houses and fix computers but I can usually manage enough time to fix it over the phone. This makes things even faster for me.

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