Let’s Go Shoplifting…

What a name for a site. Shoplift.com

Surprisingly enough I found out that it’s not a site with tips to get a five finger discount but Shoplift.com IS one of the Internet leaders to get brand name merchandise at great low clearance prices. They can help you to find great deals at 30-90% off all day, every day. All the items offered are brand new from the factory and include the full manufacturers warranty as well, unlike some of the overstocked web sites that give you deals. I always try to get a decent deal when I am shopping, particularly at Christmas when I am spending such a large amount of money but nobody likes to receive a gift that stops working after a couple of months. It makes me look as cheap as I am…

Shoplift.com has deals on digital cameras and accessories, car stereos, children’s play equipment, laptops, printers, clothing, home and garden accessories and just about anything else you can think of that you might want to buy somebody for Christmas.


Go check out the site and you will see what I am talking about for great deals. They’ve got stuff that I didn’t even know existed and now I have TV envy. All that talk about shopping for Christmas and I found something for myself. Isn’t that just the way.

They have this SunBrite Outdoor 46″ LCD television that you can watch rain or shine for just under $5k. Check this out:

1366 x 768 WXGA
Super-bright 800 nits screen
All-weather powder-coated aluminum enclosure protects the internal components from harsh outdoor elements.
Conformal coating protects the internal electronics from humidity-related corrosion damage.
A contrast-enhancing, anti-glare and scratch-resistant window protects the LCD screen from rain, dirt and the elements.
The user-friendly operator controls are also sealed against rain.
Baffled and filtered, dual-fan airflow system quietly keeps the unit cool in all climates and keeps rain, dust and insects from entering the enclosure.
An innovative watertight cable entry system allows the use of standard AV cables. The pass-through design makes hook-up quick and easy.
Compatible with almost all video sources, including off-the-air antenna, cable TV, satellite TV, DVD players and PCs Standard VESA 75/100 mounting hole pattern.
IR control window allows integrating the unit into high-end home theater systems using centralized control themes.
Internal thermostatically-controlled heater that activates automatically when internal temperature sensor reads 32o F. or lower.
Dimensions: 44.6″W x 27.16H x 6.85

A cooler of beer or coffee thermos next to the hammock and I would never leave the back yard!

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