Career Changes

I know this guy that I used to work with and we used to be pretty good friends. He has kind of gone off the deep end but I think he’s starting to get it back together again. I wouldn’t mind looking him up and seeing how he’s doing. Anyway, I worked with him off and on for the last 17 years and at one point in time we have both left the company. For a while he decided he wanted to be a real estate agent and after a year he decided to come back to work with us. That was a few years back. Right before Christmas this past year he started freaking out and stuff and ended up getting treated for being Manic Depressive (bipolar) which is something I know quite a bit about from personal experience. He finally burned all of his bridges with us and now he is a massage therapist. I hear he likes it. Nothing against massage therapy, I have another friend that has done it for a couple of decades now, but this guy just doesn’t seem like the type to stick with that for a long period of time.