School Supplies and Other Useless Crap

Back in August we went and did the yearly thing spending a small fortune on school supplies. Pens, pencils, paper and notebooks and as usual we had to send all of it in at one time. This is supposed to be the supplies for the entire year.

Jump forward to today, two months later. I get this email from one of her teachers:

Dear Parents:
1. Please sign agendas every night, even on Fridays. A lot of behavior problems are happening on Fridays and the parents never see the notes because on Monday they just look at the new week. We are also finding a lot of notes/announcements stuck in agendas that are over a month old and were never taken home to the parents. Some of our parents are not signing the agendas at all. This is really the only way we have to communicate with you on a daily basis, and we have found it to be a very useful tool when everyone participates.
2. Please ask your child if they need notebook paper, pencils, or a red pen. A lot of students are coming to school each day without the basic supplies they need.
3. Yearbook order forms were sent home last Friday.
4. Field trip Oct. 19 to Ag Center in Carrollton.
5. Remember no toys are allowed at school.
As always, we appreciate your support.
4th Grade Team


Ask them if they need notebook paper, pencils, or a red pen? What the fuck happened to all of the stuff I sent in two and a half months ago. Oh, hell no. If I am supplying stuff for the kids whose parents are too damned lazy or cheap to send stuff in then they need to come right out and say so, otherwise I may just start keeping the shit at home next year and dole it out as I see fit. I don’t have a problem donating stuff if they let me know exactly what it’s going to be used for but if I recall we sent in plenty of stuff.