Get Budget Flights with CheapoAir!

Although I hate flying with a passion, when I do I always try to get the cheapest flight. At one point in time that meant that I would book flights through Airtran, and the last few years I have used online booking sites such as Hotwire and some of the others to try and make sure that I get a great deal. CheapoAir is one I had never heard of until last week and they have some great deals.

cheapo I searched for several different destinations to see what kind of deals I could get and was able to find some really good ones. A flight from Atlanta to Key West in two weeks on American Airlines would run me about $172 with one plane switch. That is an amazing deal to Key West, particularly since this month starts the tourist season down there.

About half of the flying I’ve done over the last few years has been for business, and although work pays for that stuff, in the end it hits my P&L and eventually my stock. What that means is that any kind of flight that I have to take, I make sure that I am saving money. I wouldn’t throw my own money away so why would I throw away my company’s money? After all, I plan to retire eventually and every penny I save makes that a little closer. One Click or Call Does It All, Call Customer Support 24/7 at 212-478-0335. If you are REALLY interested in saving money go check these guys out at CheapoAir.