Long Evening…

I had originally planned on being home shortly after eight but unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned. I had to finish putting up the truck that came in earlier with the weekly food delivery, do the weekly paperwork for the week, finish the paperwork that my manager had not done for three days, and then clean her darned office. I was not particularly happy with her by the time I finished. I still didn’t get everything done that I had planned on today so I ended up leaving her with a long list of stuff to take care of before she can leave tomorrow afternoon.

I’m all about getting the hell out of there as early as possible but the fact is that we aren’t supposed to leave until certain key things are done and she just doesn’t seem to care. Hopefully I can get her motivated enough to start doing things the right way pretty shortly because if not one of us is going to be gone by Christmas and it damn sure isn’t going to be me.

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