Cleveland Shooting

I received a tweet from Slobokan and almost imemdiately afterward got a breaking news email from CNN about a shooting spree at a school in Cleveland, Ohio. Apparently a 14-year-old in at a Cleveland high school started shooting at teachers and students, wounding four before he was killed. According to the article at CNN it’s not known right now if he took his own life or if the police shot him. A also don’t know if that’s just some junk the CNN reporter stuck in there or if they think he may have killed himself.

cleveland The victims include two adult men, 57 and 42 and two teenage males at 14 and 17 years old.

From what I read, the school itself is an off-campus setting, mainly for kids that get kicked out of normal high school, special-ed, or troubled kids.

At some point today I should be getting video or a news article or two and I will post it here just as soon as I get it.

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