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RePete wasn’t feeling very well today apparently. The wife called me at 11 and asked me if I could go pick her up from school. She seems fine to me but she normally doesn’t complain and spent most of the morning in the teacher’s lap. We have just sort of hung out today. We came home and she ate lunch and then we napped (it was worth picking her up just for that) and she’s been hanging out coloring for quite some time.

There is a down side and that is the fact that if we have to miss any work for something like this we have to make up the hours, so as soon as the wife gets home I have to go back in for a few hours. That’s OK, I have a bunch of paperwork I need to get finished anyway. I am still going to try and be home by eightish as it would be nice to see the rest of my family for a little while before they go to bed.