Saturday Afternoon…

As last year, we spent most of Saturday afternoon parked outside by the river. It didn’t take long before a crowd gathered and the implements of destruction started to come out.

I think that I started out with Sam Adams Oktoberfest around 11AM or so. Quite fitting for the Blogtoberfest it was indeed. Georgia brought the Love Ewe down to the river to keep us company and we found out that it was she who kept the Love Ewe company Friday night. At least someone had a bit of fun Love Struck

Helen Blogtoberfest 081

After a bit of introspection Elisson found directions on the sheep’s ass. What he was doing with the sheep’s ass I didn’t bother asking. Just saying, that’s all. I did manage to get a bit of video of the poetic reading as a matter of fact. It’s a pretty crappy video but what the hell do you expect from my cell phone anyway, miracles?

After the bit of reading some more quite interesting things came out such as Flying Monkeys and the Headless Cock.

Helen Blogtoberfest 066

Helen Blogtoberfest 065

I am still not sure who enjoyed stroking the cock more…     



The flying monkeys kicked ass though. Key shows us how they work. I think this was shortly after V-Man beaned with in the lip with a half-rubber. That fucker is still swollen.

My girls got the booty when I arrived home so that is most likely the last I will see of the flying monkey, at least until it swoops down upon my unsuspecting head.

Of course maybe I shouldn’t have given them the monkey, particularly after catfish inserted it into the Ewe…

Helen Blogtoberfest 094

Throughout the afternoon various items found their way into the back end of the Love Ewe. I can only show you those safe for family viewing however Laughing

Helen Blogtoberfest 131

Sam demonstrates the proper placement of Shiner. This was right around the time that some new arrivals showed up. John Cox paid us a visit after Sam and Zonker drove to Atlanta and kidnapped him at gunpoint. Art will never be the same again. Eric and Fiona also arrived shortly after the sheep shenanigans as well.

The punch arrived…

Helen Blogtoberfest 140

Ah, the punch…Much can be said about Chatham Artillery Punch. Mixed with several hours of drinking beer and washed down with Chocolate Vodka…It’s no wonder that I woke up dead Sunday morning.

Georgia shows us her Headless Cock impersonation…

Helen Blogtoberfest 098

Quite a likeness…

And the amazing swelling reptile was brought out. Not that one, a real fake reptile.

Helen Blogtoberfest 114

This bad boy when immersed in water is supposed to swell up to three feet long within seven days…It disappeared at some point prior to Sunday morning…

A bit of Half-Rubber was finally played. The Kristy decided to park cars where we played last year, so we moved the deal over behind our cabins. Less bother for the normal people I am sure, what with all of the fun going on.

Helen Blogtoberfest 194

Helen Blogtoberfest 244

“If you don’t throw the ball right this time I am going to beat you to death with a shovel!”

Helen Blogtoberfest 223

That was right around the end of my picture taking for the weekend. I shot a couple hundred pictures. Some were pretty good and some were shit. I will be posting them eventually and if you want, shoot me an email and I will ftp them somewhere or I can probably burn a CD.

Anyway, around four or so several of us decided that we were getting hungry. Being as how I am such a lightweight drinker I thought that food might be a good thing to have. Zonker knew of a barbecue place and several of us made the trek. It was pretty good but I still haven’t decided if the half mile walk to the place was worth it or not. It did manage to negate the effects of the alcohol that I had imbibed thus far, or at least push them into the background for awhile.

Shortly after getting back to the area I returned to my comfy chair and started in on the punch again. It was about that time that I said fuck it and called my senior manager and informed him that he was in charge for the rest of the evening and the next morning and that I would be turning my phone off until I arrived home. That may have been a mistake…

John did a few caricatures while he was there, and has them up at his site as well. Luckily I was fortunate enough not to have been drawn. I was pretty much a walking caricature with my zeebus T-shirt and monkey on the head anyway. Forgot to tell you about that part…perhaps later, when I return to talk about the rest of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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  1. Congratulations on being blog of the day. First time in a while it was a blogger I knew!

    Looks like y’all had fun at the river. I do not understand the Love Ewe, but that is probably better, eh?

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