Saturday Morning…

So we get up Saturday morning. I was up pretty early originally. I woke up around four and reset the alarm for six so that I could make sure that everyone was going to show up for work. I called the stores when I got back, made sure that my six o’clock girls were there and called all of my cooks to make sure they were all up and on the way. At seven I called the stores back to speak to the managers and get their sales numbers. Amazingly everyone showed up for work Saturday. It took that one manager 40 minutes to count the damned drawer and finally get her numbers to me though. I don’t know what the heck takes her so damn long but it’s like pulling teeth to get it done.

Once she finally gave me what I needed I called my boss and told him who was in each store and so on…at which point he asks:

“where are you at today”

“I’m sort of off, but I’ll be taking care of staffing”

Helen Blogtoberfest 044“That’s what I thought. Talk to you later”


At this point I went back to bed until nine or so. I wanted to try and sleep later but it just wasn’t happening.

We decided to go find people and maybe go eat some breakfast, as the bagel I had eaten just wasn’t going to do it. V-Man and Key had just driven back up to their cabin after having waited forty minutes somewhere and never Helen Blogtoberfest 045getting fed. They had to check out of their cabin and needed to get cleaned up, but V-Man was still hunting something to eat. The previous year we had  eaten at a pretty nice buffet off the beaten path called the Farmer’s Market Cafe so we decided to go there. The wife and I, Elisson and SWMBO, and V-Man wandered down there. No wait and the food was good. It’s really not that far from the main road so I don’t know why they weren’t that crowded. Luckily they were nice too. I left my travel mug and the waitress chased us down to return it. My favorite on too (the mug, not the waitress)

After breakfast we wandered back down to the Chalet Kristy and found some of the reprobates already hanging out in front of their rooms. Erica was up pretty early considering how long she had been awake the night before. I don’t know how late everyone had stayed up since I was in bed around eleven or so.

Helen Blogtoberfest 048

After we had made our greetings and all of that happy shit we decided to gather down by the river.

Helen Blogtoberfest 053

That’s the view of the Chattahoochee from the swings outside of the Chalet Kristy. The place is a dive but it’s the only one that will let us come back year after year. It’s also a family-owned type place so we are giving our business to locals rather than some corporate conglomeration, which is kind of cool.

I have to go get ready for work but will post more pics and whatnot once I get home this afternoon provided everything goes well at work today. I have to return the rental and then go to a three o’clock meeting but that’s about it as far as I know.

Quote of the day:
Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome. – Isaac Asimov

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  1. Daaaaaaaayum! That picture was taken from like…a mile away in the parking lot. A most impressive zoom youse got there. So far, every photo I’ve seen of myself I’ve hated. This one…not so terrible.

  2. Karen, it was nice to get some time off even if I was in a coma for the second one.

    Erica, it is pretty nice. Not exactly top of the line, but I did upgrade the camera earlier this year and am very happy with it.

  3. Last I saw of him yes, however my daughters played with my monkey most of the day…whilst I was at work. Damn, that sounded pretty awful.

  4. i bet there were crocodiles in this river! and by the way…i like your expression “happy shit” – that´s what it is actually 🙂

  5. The strange looking eyebrows is a female cholo-style makeover . They shave their eyebrows and then pencil them in. If only she were a Klingon, she would have protected her baby. We can only hope the Borg finds her and is assimilated.

  6. thought you’d like to know i knew where she was because she was in the same apartment building as me and i called detectives and let them know, she was arressted and the case is still pending.Oh and you might find it interesting to know that she is pregnant again i’d say she looks around 7 months, I dont think thats right she shouldnt be allowed to have another child at least until the other case is handled.

  7. it is sad that a drugie like her is still allowed to have children.thi little girl(she is not a woman)is 7 months pregant,someone or official should stop this killer she is living at park ave with people im sure have no idea she is a stone cold killer

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